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mysql vs. nosql

mysql vs. nosql

NoSQL vs. SQL – this is really an old topic. But with upcoming database projects like cassandra, CouchDB, MongoDB and many others it gets back into the focus. We asked our self which database is the right one for our project? We evaluated SQL databases as well as nosql databases… And decided to build our application on top of MongoDB. A NoSQL database – yes! None of us has ever worked with a NoSQL database at all. Why decided we us against the classic SQL approach? Here are the pros and cons for MongoDB (this is not a comparison between SQL and NoSQL in general):


- it’s super fast (it depends on the case – but for ours it is about 5 times faster than a SQL database)
- it’s extermly scalable – up to petabytes with little effort (we don’t need the space for a petabyte, but 10 terrabytes)
- it has got a very good replication mechanism (replica sets)
- it has got a easy to use Java API
- the storage format is JSON, which is very easy to handle in Java as well as in Java Script
- it’s easy in operations – you don’t have to sit an admin next to it
- is has got a very active community (I had bugfixes in less than 20 minutes!!! Thanks Elliot! :)
- they have a clear release cycle
- the company behind MongoDB (10gen) got fresh money for the next years


- none of us has ever used a NoSQL database
- the project is relatively young
- you don’t have the relational integrity

As you can see, there’re a few cons against a lot of pros for our case. We simply want to store config files and process instances into the database – and of we want to get them out of it in lightening speed. For this case MongoDB fits perfect. So why should we take the hammer, if we have a screwdriver as well? ;)

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