asset management in catify

asset management

Asset Management

catify comprehends administration of services and processes due to several security levels (“Private Service Pool” and “Public Service Pool”). Services (assets) can be managed more efficiently from one central point. Hence you avoid repeated design of the very same topic.

simple design via drag'n drop your processes

simple process design

Configure Your Processes

catify features a web interface for process configuration (set up). The web interface enables you as professional user to edit IT-compatible executable business processes with no help (consultant, developer etc.) in a very short time frame. Thus changes in your process can be introduced in a cost-effective and fast way.

implement cross enterprise processes

cross enterprise processes

Cross Enterprise Processes

catify offers to automate business processes company-wide. Therefore you can include your business partners much easier into your business landscape. This enables you to communicate without cross media conversion whilst minimalising your error ratio. Thus average costs per process can be significantly reduced.

integrate your local systems into catify

system integration

Process Oriented Integration

catify offers the possibility to integrate your own software systems (ERP-system, database etc.) via “plug and play”. This simplifies the integration of existing software into an automated process. You benefit from the agility of externalised processes and the reliability of your infrastructure simultaneously.

A catify node cluster

High Availability (HA)

Highly Available

Be sure your service is always “on air”. catify can easily configured to meet your special HA needs. From a single copy mode in cache with no persistence up to ‘n’ replications in cache and on disk. Even if one node dies – the others will automatically take his work over. catify provides a rock solid process infrastructure without extra complexity.

catify scales - based on your needs

High Scalability

Highly Scalable

Scale out your process infrastructure. catify is consequently designed to face high data volumes and process a huge amount of process instances (also long running). Based on ActiveMQ as message bus, Hazelcast as data grid and MangoDB as persistence store catify can act with hundred of nodes – each of them on low end commodity hardware – as one big process infrastructure.

100% Open Source

catify is free and open source. No hidden costs. Simply take and use it. If you want to have a (not stable yet!) copy to play around with don't hesitate to contact us.

Community Driven

catify is community driven. You can integrate simple (like address validation) to complex services (like booking of a flight, check of a contract, etc.). Our vision is to make catify the base of virtual enterprises.

Enterprise Support

catify doesn't leave you alone. We offer enterprise support for our platform. If you run into problems you can get direct contact to one of our developers. Get in touch and ask for support if you you want to use catify in a production environment.

Proven Stack

catify is build on top of proven software stack like Spring, Apache ActiveMQ, Apache Camel, Apache Felix and MongoDB. This ensures a solid basis for a mission critical infrastructure software.

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